A Peek Behind the Games

Every season has its own designated sport. We gather with friends and watch the professional players take on a challenge.

These athletes have more pressure on them than most of us can imagine. There are fans who dedicate tremendous amounts of their time and money to watch their all-time favorite team adopt a champion status.

Have you ever wondered how much money the sports industry really makes?

The North American sports industry is expected to have a worth up to $74 million by the time 2020 comes around. The reason for this? More and more people are interested in seeing sports competitions live, therefore many purchase whatever is available to give them this opportunity.

Game packages come in all different types depending on the sport, the team, and the significance of the specific game. For example, there are nfl packages, world cup packages, washington redskin packages, and even sports travel packages.

Not only are the major leagues high in popularity, but a Statista survey confirmed that nearly 31 million people had attended some college sports event in the year 2017. College football and basketball has just as many fans going crazy as major league sports do at some times. Football ranks the highest at 37% for the most favorite sport to watch amongst fans, whereas baseball stands as the least favorite sport to watch, coming in at just 9%!

Being that the largest sports in the U.S. are football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and baseball, imagine how much money the entire sports industry collects with all of these combined! The North American sports industry is expected to bring in close to $69.4 billion as a result of ticket sales, merchandise sales, media rights and sponsorship income.

Sports tour packages in the U.S. offer trips around the country for fans to watch their all-time favorite team compete with the best teams in the states. They may be pricier than home-game tickets, but if you’re their biggest fan, why not support them throughout the whole journey! Along with that, sports tour packages often include many perks that will make the trip a luxury vacation with your favorite sports team.

The athletes are paid for your entertainment, so if you want your team to keep up the good work, don’t stop giving them a reason to work harder towards being #1!

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