Experience the Beauty of a United States National Park This Summer!

United states national park

The 58 United States national parks are some of the most beautiful places to visit in this country. They are known for their amazing views, bird watching, wildlife, and terrific hiking. Visiting a United States National Park can be a great summer family vacation. There are so many parks to choose from that you should not have any problem finding the perfect United States National Park for your family to visit.

Sequoia National Park, located in southern Sierra Nevada, is one of the most popular national parks in America. It is the second oldest national park, and it is 406,425 acres. Sequoia is a United States National Park that is home to many of the largest and oldest trees in the USA, the most famous of which is the Gen. Sherman tree. Sequoia is at its most crowded in July and August, so if you looking for a more solitary and less noisy United States National Park experience, you should probably visit during the spring or fall.

Haleakala National Park is a United States national park located in Hawaii on the island of Maui. This park encompasses 33,265 acres, about half of which are pure wilderness. In 1980, this United States National Park was designated as an International Biosphere Reserve. The area in which Haleakala National Park is located is volcanic. Thus, much of the flora and fauna of this beautiful United states National Park were introduced by pioneers. There are more endangered species living in this United States National Park than in any other national park in the country.

The Badlands is a United States National park situated in the southwestern part of South Dakota. 64,144 acres are protected by the Badlands as a designated wilderness area. It served as the site of reintroduction for the black footed ferret, which happens to be the most endangered mammal living on land in the continent of North America. The Badlands is a terrific place to visit for those travelers who enjoy extreme adventure. The designated hiking trails of the Badlands provide a challenging hiking experience for even the most experienced outdoorsmen.

Sequoia, Haleakala, and the Badlands are 3 of the 58 United States National parks that are visited by a multitude of travelers each year. These parks exemplify what is unique and beautiful about America. They are national treasures that welcome human beings from all walks of life.

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Why Explore Today’s National Parks

United states national parks

If you have never been to a United states national park, definitely try and fit on into your summer if possible. Even if there is a park halfway across the state, still try it out. You will experience some pretty great things when you explore national parks. Virtually all of them have wondrous experiences in store for you.

Today’s national parks are excellent places to take the kids for a day of adventure, or a few days if you live nowhere near any of these national parks. They present opportunities for your kids to view nature up close and personally, both through their well built and housed nature centers and their walking tours with professionals who are fully trained on identifying the flora and the fauna that live in these parks. They basically serve as a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about nature and of being in the wild.

Today’s national parks are fascinating as well for taking walks and even for the hiking opportunities that are presented. These chances to get out, to experience the outdoors in a calming setting and to take more advantage of these outdoor chances to breathe in good air, and to get away from your computer desk or your couch on the weekend are more than motivating. You appreciate nature more when you are out in the outdoors more, versus sitting on your couch, watching television or reading a magazine.

Today’s national parks are beautiful because of their simplicity and due to their free or cost effective nature. Most of today’s United States national parks have free entry, meaning no passes are required and no money is expected to change hands as you walk into these nature centers and as you hike these trails. These parks are usually regulated by the federal government, and so they are funded through other means. This means a way more cost effective chance to exercise in the outdoors than an inside gym, and a much better opportunity to see wildlife in action versus heading to a museum.

Explore today’s national parks for the beauty, for the educational opportunities and for the fact that you may only get a few of these chances. If you live far away from today’s national parks, then visit them and soak in every opportunity you can. And in the process, learn a bit, explore a bit more, and foster a stronger appreciation of nature and the outdoors.

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Spend Your Vacation Touring National Parks

United states national parks

If you are planning on a summer vacation that includes a road trip across the nation, how about taking the time to tour some of the United states national parks? The National Park System is a system of parks set aside and maintained by the federal government. There are some really gorgeous areas that have been turned into national parks and preserved for everyone’s enjoyment. Anyone that is a lover of the outdoors will love spending time in national parks, like Yellowstone National Park or Yosemite National Park or even the Rocky Mountain National Park. If you are traveling through the states where these parks are located be sure you take the time to see them.

Even Alaska has some national parks set aside for the public’s enjoyment, such as the Klondike gold Rush National Historical Park and the Glacier Bay National Park. There is a whole list of national parks to go and see in the state of Alaska. Just about every state in the U.S. has a national park so do not miss the opportunity to check them all out when traveling through.

The very first national park was created in 1916. On August 25 of that year, President Woodrow Wilson signed the National Park Service Organic Act. From that time on, the Department of the Interior was in control of the national parks here in the U.S. By the time the president signed that bill though, about 40 parks were already in existence. The very first national park to be officially recognized was Yosemite National Park. It was officially recognized by congress in 1872. Before that it was a state park. After the United States began setting aside land and creating national parks for the enjoyment of the people, other countries began to follow suit. Now just about every country has national parks. Find out what they are by researching the all the national parks online.

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Four Reasons to Host Your Event at a Delaware Golf Course

Delaware golf

Did you know that in 1457, King James II of Scotland actually banned golf because he believed that the popularity of the game was detracting from military rigor? The first golf balls were feather stuffed leather balls. Today, the sport is very popular in the US, and the PGA estimates that there are 27,000 regular golfers.

If you are planning an event for a group or a company, you might want to consider having it at Wilmington Delaware golf courses. What are the benefits of hosting events at golf courses? There are many reasons.

First, golf is an enjoyable sport and, because it does not require running or a lot of swift movement for the most part, it is easy for many types and ages of people to play.

Second, after you play golf on Delaware golf courses, you get to eat. Most Wilmington golf courses can serve delicious lunches for your party, making this a memorable and enjoyable experience the whole way through.

Third, Wilmington delaware golf courses deal with many individuals who are planning events, and they can help guide you through the process as well as make helpful suggestions. They can also help you obtain spaces for presentations et cetera if they are needed.

Fourth, Wilmington Delaware golf courses are helpful for all kinds of events. Communions, bar mitzvahs, or they can even serve as scenic Delaware wedding venues.

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