Love to Ski or Board? Find Snow Condition Reports to Get Ready for Fun-Filled Days

Snow reports

Like other popular lifestyle sports, including surfing and lacrosse, skiing’s origins are thousands of years old. In fact, the sport’s beginnings can be traced all the way back to 5000 BC in what is now Norway. Back then, it was used primarily as means of transportation in snow-heavy areas, but today, skiing and snowboarding are sports that millions of people around the world enjoy. It has become so popular that some 80 countries around the world host ski resorts and nearly 80,000 Americans alone are employed by the industry. However, being able to shred down the hill is dependent on good weather, and getting snow reports before heading to the mountain is a must for new and experienced skiers and boarders.

Even on clear bright days with the sun shining that look just as brilliant as any July day, its almost imp Continue reading

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