Who Should You Go Rafting With This Vacation?

Colorado river rafting trips

The Grand Canyon receives close to 5 million visitors each year for a great reason. Not only is it truly one of the most stunning and amazing sites you will ever see, but it is also full of opportunities to have fun, from spas, to mule rides into the Canyon itself. One of the most thrilling options available is the a chance to go on the best Grand Canyon rafting trips, right in the bed of the canyon itself. But who will you go with?

The traditional workplace retreat is meant to bring co-workers together in a non-work environment and help everyone learn to work together more cohesively. But, those retreats are overrated and outdated — how about getting the team together to act as a team on the exciting Colorado Continue reading

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How Slow Can You Go Experience the High Of Photographing With a Slow Motion Camera

Miro zoom photo lense

Like many forms of visual creativity, photography is considered both an art and science. It allows people to literally freeze a moment in time so that it can be viewed and experienced time and time again for years to come. Just think all the ways in which old family photos, pictures of past flames, or even childhood photographs allow you relive that moment in time over and over again. Photographs have been known to invoke a variety of senses, with many people even smelling, taste, hearing, or feeling the sensations of that moment in time in addition to seeing them in the photograph.

Because of this, it may seem hard to believe that at one point in time, photography wasn’t at all taken seriously. In fact, it was seriously scoffed at and considered an insult to other art forms such as painting and sc Continue reading

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