High Speed Cameras Provide High Resolution Images for Research and Industry Applications

Miro camera

High speed cameras have developed to the point where they can serve as highly sophisticated measuring and testing devices, used by scientists, engineers and researchers in a number of fields and industries. These include using slow motion cameras for research, education, entertainment and art. While older high speed cameras used film, they are now almost entirely digital. Digital technology improves both speed and storage capacity of high speed photography.

Development of high speed cameras
High speed cameras were in fact developed precisely to capture movement in high resolution images. The story about the first use of high-speed photography by Eadward Muybridge, a nineteenth century photographer famous for his images of human and animal locomotion, refers to an image he created Continue reading

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Three Things You Don’t Know About Cheerleading

Custom made pom poms

There are an estimated 4 million cheerleaders in the world, practicing for hours each week and devoting their days to competition. Cheerleading is practiced not only on a high school level — though 400,000 of those 4 million cheerleaders are indeed high school cheerleaders — but on competitive and professional levels as well. Yet at the same time, many still do not recognize cheerleading as an official sport. Why is this? The reasoning is both varied and confusing; unfortunately, it has a lot to do with the fact that cheerleading is a sport associated with largely with women. However, cheerleading isn’t even a sport that began with women, and there is much more to it than what may initially meet the eye. It’s not for nothing that many high school-level cheerleaders continue cheering well into th Continue reading

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