A Look At Boating

There are many reasons to look into special trailers for heavy equipment for your own vehicle or car, such as for everything from tiny house transportation services to large boat transport (like fishing boats for sale). The use of special trailers for heavy equipment can make such things all the easier, and can increase the capacity of your vehicle to handle the load that you are now expecting it to pull. This allows you a great deal more freedom of mobility, letting you go wherever you want in the entire country of the United States, free to explore and do as you please. It also allows you to downgrade your living situation to that of something like a tiny house or even a house boat, which has become an incredible way to save money and live a life of more adventure for many people. But moving fishing boats for sale or moving your tiny house is not always the smallest of all tasks, and having the right special trailers for heavy equipment will most likely turn out to be incredibly help Continue reading

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A Look At The World Of Boating In the United States

From the arctic cat dealer to the pontoon boats for sale, boat sales have risen considerably in recent years, from used boats for sale to brand new ones (such as the ones that can be found at your nearest arctic cat dealer). In fact, the sale of power boats alone jumped up as much as six to seven percent in the year of 2016 alone, let alone the sales of other more commonly purchased boats (such as through your local arctic cat dealer). On top of this, the boating industry as a whole has soared up, with total industry sales rising as much as ten to eleven percent when all was said and done – all within that same year. This can be attributed to the fact that boating has become a hobby that is enjoyed by many all throughout the country, with people from all different backgrounds and from all different demographics enjoying their time out on the water. Where boating was once thought of as an activity for the rich (and sometimes, the famous), it has now become an activity that is hugely mid Continue reading

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8 Things You Need To Consider When Renting A Boat

With more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface covered by water and more than 100,000 lakes in the continental United States, Americans are never very far from water.

More than 87 million U.S. adults participate in recreational boating and in 2017, 13.4 percent of the U.S. population participated in water sports. What’s more, 19.6 percent of millennials participate in water sports and in 2016, about 2.91 million Americans participated in wakeboarding.

Anyway you slice it, whether you’re using a personal watercraft, a pontoon boat or a wakeboard boat, Americans love the water and they love boating. If you’re considering boat rental, there are many types of boats to pick from:

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Keep the Boys in Blue Safe with Stronger Gear

Police officers and other law enforcement officials might seem indestructible, but that’s far from the truth. They’re people just like the rest of us even though they put their lives on the line far more often. And it turns out that even with their strongest body armor they may still be in danger. And with the way things are right now with citizens acting particularly hostile, now is the time to be concerned with police safety.

While other violent acts may harm them, gunshots are one of the most deadly by far. They’re currently considered the second leading cause of officer death, just behind motor vehicle crashes. It is estimated that of all the officer deaths from the last decade, over one-third of them were caused by gunshots. So why isn’t their tactical gear doing its job? It’s true that it can help, and it has in Continue reading

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Boat Ownership Requires Attention to Detail Both on and Off the Water

Another Saturday, another rain storm.
At least this time you were able to spend some time out on the lake early in the day before the lightening started and the rain began. Unfortunately, this summer has been full of rainy weekends, especially rainy Saturdays. You are glad that you took the time during the spring to replace the old carpet on the boat with a new custom marine carpet. A better flooring means that the new boat carpet dries out faster and allows everyone to safely return to the water as soon as possible. With the old carpet, the rain and lake water would get trapped in several parts of the floor, creating slick spots that were dangerous when you were out on the water. With the new custom marine carpet you are able to safely get back out on the water as quickly as possible.
Boat Flooring Options Add Value and Beauty to Any Vessel
Having a quick drying, water resis Continue reading

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