Fun on the Water

Human beings are not marine animals, but humanity has always had a close connection to fresh and salty water bodies alike. In fact, many parts of the world were settled by primitive humans due to construction of wooden boats to explore the world’s waters. Throughout history, bodies of water were used for exploration, war, trade, and fishing, from the Viking raids to the Commercial Revolution to naval battles. In the modern age, this is still largely true, but water can also be a lot of fun. Not all boats are fishing or carrying exports in steel shipping containers. The commercial marine sector has plenty of pontoon boats, speed boats, and more for water sports such as wakeboarding, wakesurfing, jet ski activities, and others. These jet ski activities can be done on a lake, and boat rental may make this easier for those who can’t afford their own boat. Plenty of statistics show that Americans love jet ski activities and pontoon boats, and many people are looking for boats to rent.

Water Sports

Jet ski activities, wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and more are plenty popular, and in 2017, some 13.4% of the American population took part in water sports across the country. Ever since the 1980s, wakesurfing and wakeboarding have proven popular for casual and serious riders alike, and the right boats make it possible. A pontoon boat is too slow; speedboats are better for this, and they also kick up big wakes that make the sports easier to play. If someone doesn’t own their own speedboat, they might visit a local marina and rent one instead, and get their sports gear together to start.

Wakesurfing is when a person is on a surfboard that stays behind a boat and rides on its wake, and this all starts when the boat gets moving and the surfer hangs onto a rope with handlebars. This builds up momentum for the rider until they get to their top speed, and then they can let go and surf on the wake. This may take some practice, but it can be a thrill to do, and there’s the added convenience of not having to visit a beach and wait for waves to surf on. Someone far from the Florida, California, or Hawaii beaches may instead try out wakesurfing on a lake.

A related sport is wakeboarding, and it’s pretty similar to wakesurfing except that the board is shaped differently and the rider will hang onto handlebars and a rope the entire time to stay balanced while riding. This may make wakeboarding easier for more novice water sports players, and it’s similar to jet skiing.

Pontoon Boats

Some Americans may instead visit the lake on their pontoon boat, or find one to rent. A pontoon boat is too slow for most water sports, but such a boat is a great choice for partying, sight seeing, and fishing. These calmer activities are possible because a pontoon boat is longer and wider than a speedboat and has enough floor space for several people. A pontoon boat is roughly rectangular in shape, and it will have floor space for swivel chairs, couches, and a small table. It will probably also have railings on the edge to prevent accidental falls. All of this makes a pontoon boat ideal for a small party or picnic right there on the water, and fishing is also easy with all this room. A fisher may stand at the edge or be seated on one of the chairs while fishing, and there will also be room for a tackle box and live capture bucket.

If someone doesn’t rent a pontoon boat, they may visit large retailers and look for one to buy. Like with cars, pontoon boats may be bought new or used, based on the customer’s price range and interests. New boats are the most expensive, but they have a full set of warranties, lack any damage or maintenance issues, and may have cutting-edge features and power. Used boats lack warranties and must be examined for wear and tear, but if they check out, they may be bought for a steeply discounted price. This may be a great option for a newer boat buyer who wants practice owning and caring for a boat. Old boats may be fixed up as needed.

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