Spend Your Vacation Touring National Parks

United states national parks

If you are planning on a summer vacation that includes a road trip across the nation, how about taking the time to tour some of the United states national parks? The National Park System is a system of parks set aside and maintained by the federal government. There are some really gorgeous areas that have been turned into national parks and preserved for everyone’s enjoyment. Anyone that is a lover of the outdoors will love spending time in national parks, like Yellowstone National Park or Yosemite National Park or even the Rocky Mountain National Park. If you are traveling through the states where these parks are located be sure you take the time to see them.

Even Alaska has some national parks set aside for the public’s enjoyment, such as the Klondike gold Rush National Historical Park and the Glacier Bay National Park. There is a whole list of national parks to go and see in the state of Alaska. Just about every state in the U.S. has a national park so do not miss the opportunity to check them all out when traveling through.

The very first national park was created in 1916. On August 25 of that year, President Woodrow Wilson signed the National Park Service Organic Act. From that time on, the Department of the Interior was in control of the national parks here in the U.S. By the time the president signed that bill though, about 40 parks were already in existence. The very first national park to be officially recognized was Yosemite National Park. It was officially recognized by congress in 1872. Before that it was a state park. After the United States began setting aside land and creating national parks for the enjoyment of the people, other countries began to follow suit. Now just about every country has national parks. Find out what they are by researching the all the national parks online.

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