Spring Sports Cannot Come Soon Enough for Many Athletes

As Winter Storm Quiana moves to the east coast after a Saturday of wreaking havoc throughout the midwest, it can seem like spring is indeed a long ways away. The fact of the matter is, however, there will be a day when the snow will have melted off all the baseball and soccer fields and the benches and bleachers will again be full of friends and family watching athletes of all age.

As the month of February finally comes to an end there are many parks and rec departments across the U.S. will be replacing everything from tennis court materials to outdoor benches and bleachers. As anxious as the young athletes are to get back to doing what they love, there are just as many anxious city and school leaders who are making it their business to make sure that the courts, the bleachers, and the fields are as safe as possible.

Strong Netting, Well Kept Fields, and Adequate Seating Provide the Perfect Setting for Many Sporting Events
For the majority of athletes who compete outside during the spring, summer, and fall months, the conditions of the fields, courts, and fields are very important. With the right amount of seating, fans of all age can cheer for their athletes. Many of these pieces of the sporting puzzle, however, rely on careful attention to many details. For safety concerns, for example, it is important to know that the fields and courts are as safe as possible. Basketball and tennis nets need to replaced when they are worn and court markers often need to be reapplied to make sure that the game is always as fair as possible.

And while there are many sports that have been around for centuries, there are other athletic activities that are much newer. For instance, currently, the USAPA is tracking more than 200,000 pickleball players and 12,668 pickleball courts in North America. This game that is an interesting combination of tennis and handball is increasingly popular in many parts of the country. And even though there are many people who are just being introduced to the general public, the truth is that 2016 marks the 51st Anniversary of pickleball, a sport that was originally invented in 1965.

Even if you are one of the many millions of people digging out or cleaning up after Winter Storm Quiana, you can rest assured that spring weather will eventually allow you to get back out and watch your favorite athletes perform. When that happens, you will appreciate the fact that there are a whole slew of people out making sure that the benches and courts will be ready!

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